Monday, May 16, 2011

Lucy Special: RAI's Anthro of Sport Photo Contest-take a look at the results!

As you know, toward the end of last year the RAI’s Education Outreach Programme ran a competition to get great anthropology of sport pictures from anyone handy with a camera. The categories included the body, identity, and globalization, and the competition generated 230 wide-ranging, fascinating and dramatic entries from a truly global 24 countries. The great response meant that lots of young people not only engaged with the Programme but in doing so have had the opportunity to share their work, get actively involved with anthropology and be a part of activities to do with the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. The body of work produced enables both participants and those looking at the images to be involved in reflecting upon on the anthropology of sport, sharing and communicating ideas between anthropology and sports, media, and the arts. Not bad for a photo competition! Take a look at and join the conversation.

Plus, if you get inspired to do something similar, check out the ‘My Street’ competition at the RAI Film Festival site. Instead of still shots, this is a call for film submissions. It’s a great opportunity to ‘have a go’ at some visual anthropology and make your world ours by capturing the activities, conversations, observations, impressions that make up your street or neighbourhood. The premise couldn’t be simpler-or more anthropological as it relates to all sorts of areas of anthropological interest, particularly the Anthropology of Space and Home, Material Cultures, Urban Anthropology, Visual Anthropology to name a few-in fact, the sky’s the limit and the pavement the place! The competition closes at the end of the month and, in addition to films being streamed online, the winning entry will be screened-putting your home well and truly on the map. I’m looking forward to seeing the stories behind the streets and way more than Google Maps could ever reveal!

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