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Diary for 10th December to 16th December 2009

LUCY SPECIAL: Final Results for the RAI's International Anthropology Cartoon Contest!

In July 2009, the Royal Anthropological Institute's Education Outreach Programme launched an International Anthropology Cartoon Contest. The aims of the contest were to promote creative public engagement with the discipline, and to provide an opportunity for people with a passion for anthropology to share their work and take an active involvement in RAI's educational outreach activities and publications.

The contest encouraged cartoons which explored anthropological topics and ideas in a comical, original, and engaging way. Participants were encouraged to 'think outside the box' and be creative in how they explored the subject.

The contest was very well received with entries from all over the world including India, Brazil, Italy, UK, Canada, United States and Malawi.

A panel of 6 judges were appointed to assess the submissions:

Nafisa Fera, Project Organiser (Education Officer at the RAI)

Susanne Hammacher (Film Officer at the RAI)

Maureen Bloom (Assistant Reviews Editor for the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute)

Melanie Knetsch (Science in Society Communications and Information Directorate, ESRC)

Dr. Stephanie Bunn (Anthropology Lecturer at the University of St. Andrews)

Dr. Ben Burt (Curator for the Department of Africa, Oceania, Americas at the British Museum)

The panel of judges were thoroughly impressed by the high quality, and number of very interesting contributions to the contest. There were so many excellent entries they had difficulty in deciding the finalists!

Here are the results of the contest:

1st Place:

Mark Stanford
for his submission ' A primatologist amongst the anthropologists'

Tied at 2nd Place:

Laura Jane Foldesi for her submission 'Lost in Translation'

Jordan Reck for his submission 'Hard Science'

Tied at 3rd Place:

Igor Cherstich for his submission 'Anthropology: dialogue with the other'

David King for his submission 'The Globalised Shaman'

The following list of names and submissions are ones which the panel thought deserved to be published even though they have not received an award.

Britany Babel
for her submission: 'The Greatest Inventors in Human History'

Sheyma Buali for both submissions: 'Humanette: finding the comfort zone' and 'Humanette buying a ghutra'

Peter Eckmann for his submission 'Research Project'

Matteo Farinella for his submission: 'Anthropological Walk'

Rory McGrath for his submission: 'Ethnographic Reflexivity'

Elizabeth Marks for her submission: 'Homework'

Nemer Narchi for his submission: 'Overcoming the Hunter-Gatherer'

John Tillson for both submissions: 'Building Ivory Towers' and 'The Ascension of Man'

Eugenia Tsao
for both submissions: 'Situated Epistemologies' and 'Ours'

Monika Weissensteiner is awarded special recognition for her excellence in graphic art for her two submissions Body Politics and the Human Body.

Unfortunately submissions which are not listed above, were not short-listed to be published.


A big thank you again to everyone who participated. Hope you enjoy reading them and please feel free to add your comments/feedback!

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