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Diary for 7th May to 13th May 2009

Thursday 7th May- A look ahead at this Saturday

There are a lot of great events happening this Saturday 9th May, which unfortunately don't all fit into the date specific slot, so I'm posting them in the alternate week dates on the blog so that you don't miss out on anything! On Saturday 9th May there are two great events that you should check out: One is a free concert that will be held at the Brunei Gallery at 7:00pm in SOAS, Russel Square Campus. The concert is part of SOAS's Centre for African Studies Annual Lecture, and features a combination of performance and storytelling by Paul Berliner and Cosmas Magaya. Their work is "a poignant exposition of the intersection between human rights and music in Zimbabwe". The second event is a free art workshop which will take place at the Foundling Museum from 11-4pm on Saturday. The workshop is mostly suited to A-level students and is a hands-on workshop at exploring how textiles can reflect your personality. The workshop is free but booking is necessary. To book your free place phone:020 7841 3600.

Friday 8th May-Mbira magic

In anticipation of their concert on Saturday, Professor Paul Berliner and his research collaborator Cosmas Magaya, will be giving a seminar in the Khalili Lecture Theatre at SOAS toda. The Lecutre will look at the work of 35 years of trying to document the music, performance contexts and culture surrounding the mbira (a musical instrument that consists of a wooden board with metal keys). The seminar will be taking place from 3-6pm. Entrance is free and all are welcome. Those who play mbira dzaVadzimu are invited to bring along their instruments and play!

Saturday 9th May- The Meaning of Life

Today I am heading to the British Museum to take a look at the complexities of life in Kwikwexwelhp prison. This prison which is in British Columbia, Canada, is unique in that is has a rehabilitation programme which is focused around aboriginal culture, and elders of the native communities. The film is directed by renowned anthropologist Hugh Brody. For a review of the film take a look at this article. There is also a very interesting interview with Hugh Brody about the film which you can access here. The film screening will take place at 14:30pm in the Stevenson Lecture Theatre. Tickets are £3 for adults and £2 for concession. The film will be followed by a Q&A session with Tomo Brody, the director's son and crew member.

Sunday 10th May- Free Anthropology Brochures!

For those of you inters ted in learning more about Anthropology, how to get involved in different organisations, events, and activities and learn about careers the Royal Anthropological Institute's Education Programme is offering free informational brochures called: Discover Anthropology and Careers in Anthropology. To find out more about the brochures please visit this website. If you are interested in receiving the brochures please email Nafisa Fera at with your postal address and she will post you the brochures and other Anthropological goodies!

Monday 11th May- A critical look at Imperial History

At the Institute of Historical Research in the Senate House today, there will be a discussion led by Zoe Laidlaw, entitled: Humanitarian Critics of Empire: the Aborigines Protection Society and India 1837-60. Zoe's work looks at 19th century conceptions of Empire and the use of maps and statistical representations of the British Empire. The seminar will take place at 5pm in the Germany Room. Open to all. For more information contact: 0207 557 7162.

Tuesday 12th May- Wales Anthropology Day

For those of you who live in Wales or nearby this is to let you know about a future event which takes place on JUNE 19th and which should not be missed! This sister event to London Anthropology Day follows a similar format: interactive and hands-on workshops given by lecturers and students to give you an insight into what Anthropology is about and what it is like to study the subject at university. Workshops include a range of different topics, dealing with school lunches and anthropology of food, to Bling and pop culture. For more information and to book your free place, visit this

Wednesday 13th May- Embracing Slow

Living in London it is easy to get consumed by the need for speed. Time becomes a precious commodity that none of us get enough of. Our lunch hours get eaten away by tasks that are yet to be done, we go to one of the myriad of 'food on the go' places to grab something to eat, we rush to get to work and we rush to get home. Commuting by bicycle often becomes a race rather than a leisurely stroll. What if it wasn't like this? what if there was an uprising, a revolution of slowness, where people took the time to enjoy their lives and find moments to go against the grain of speed. The good news is that the revolution has begun. Along with the slow city movement, the slow food movement and other sociopolitical campaigns against our current mode of living, their is one specifically for London called: Slow Down London. Recently there was a festival with events, gatherings, art, meditation and yoga practice to help get Londoners to take it easy. This festival is just the beginning of this movement. Slow Down London has a wonderful website where you can contribute to the growing network of people that would like to see this type of change in the big city.

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