Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Diary for 6th August to 12th August 2009

THURSDAY 6th August- It's so Cool, It's Hot!

Today I am heading to an Argentinian ice-cream parlor in London called Freggo which on 27-29 Swallow street in Piccadilly. Italian immigrants that settled in Argentina, most likely started spreading their love for their artisan gelato making and now it has expanded to appease an international market. Freggo isn't cheap but the fact that it has alternative ice cream flavours, provides big portions and is open until 2am makes it a unique sweet stop.

FRIDAY 7th August- Highlights from the LIDF 2009

Tonight I am going to the British Museum's Stevenson Lecture Theatre to see two wonderful films from this year's London International Documentary Film Festival. The first film is called Bus Lovers and explores in 12 short minutes, why some people in Sao Paulo have a passion for buses. The second film is longer (46 min) and is called Cruzeiro. This film explores the lives of four youth living in Vila Cruzeiro, one of the most violent slums in Rio De Janeiro. The screening session starts at 6:30pm. Tickets are £3 or £2 for concessions. For more information and booking details, click here.

SATURDAY 8th August- RAI's International Anthropology Cartoon Contest

We have received some wonderful submissions to the RAI's International Cartoon Contest. The summer is a great time to get your drawing book out and go to the park and be creative! The cartoon contest is open to anyone with a passion for anthropology. Topics that could be explored include: human evolution, fossil discoveries, forensics, cultural traditions, ceremonies and rituals, beauty and fashion, fieldwork, tourism, and Facebook. For a list of prizes, submission guidelines, and regulations, visit:

SUNDAY 9th August - LIDF 2010 Call for films

For all of you filmmakers out there, the London International Documentary Film Festival has already put out a call for submissions for next year's festival. The festival is international, open to any genre of film making, and any subject matter. The only catch is that submitted films must be produced after January 1st 2008. Take a look here for more information. If you are particularly interested in visual anthropology and would like to learn how to become a ethnographic filmmaker, Goldsmiths and University of Manchester have some excellent courses.

MONDAY 10th August- Challenging preconceptions of disability

Today I am going to the Foundling Museum to look at an exhibition called In the Picture. Disabled children are more often than not, excluded from children's books and illustrations. Scope, a charity working for the equality of disabled children throughout the UK, has received Lottery funding to help address the current lack of representation of disabled children in literature. The exhibition features work from children book illustrators Quentin Blake, Jane Ray and others. Entrance to the exhibition is free with museum admission.

TUESDAY 11th August- A brilliant ethnography

I have just finished a wonderful ethnography called Tunnel Kids by Lawrence Taylor and Maeve Hickey. Lawence and Maeve spend several summers getting to know a group of children who live primarily in the tunnels connecting the US-Mexico border. The book uses profiles and pictures to get the reader to identify with each of the characters and find out how group dynamics reinforce their culture, livelihoods, and group cohesion. It is excellent for anyone beginning their journey in anthropology.

WEDNESDAY 12th August- Digital Library

UNESCO has a fantastic World Digital Library where you can access archival and modern pictures from around the world. The material is searchable by topic, type of item, institution or place. Each thumbnail photograph has crucial information on the history, creation and cultural context of the picture. It is an excellent resource for teaching history, anthropology, geography and other social sciences.

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