Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Diary for 8th October to 14th October 2009

DEADLINE EXTENDED! Less than a month to go to submit your cartoons to the Royal Anthropological Institute's International Anthropology Cartoon Contest

We've received numerous requests to extend the deadline of the cartoon competition. The new deadline is November 10th 2009. The aims of the contest are to promote public engagement and exchange of ideas in anthropology as well as to add outstanding work to the published material for the RAI's upcoming website: Discover Anthropology (to be launched in November).

The cartoon is part of a series of new initiatives to be launched by the Education Outreach Programme. We hope these activities will provide opportunities for people with a passion for anthropology to share their work and take an active involvement in the discipline.

What we are looking for:

The contest is looking for cartoons that explore anthropological topics and ideas in a comical, original and engaging way. The aim is to get participants to 'think outside the box' and be creative in how they explore the subject. Participants will be judged based on the originality of their work and the integration of anthropological concepts, rather than solely on artistic merit. Entries from outside of Britain are welcome, but the cartoons must be in English.

Anthropological topics that could be explored:

There are endless possibilities of subjects that you could be creative with and here are a few suggestions: human evolution, fossil discoveries, forensics, cultural traditions, ceremonies and rituals, beauty and fashion, fieldwork, tourism and facebook.

Who can participate?

The competition is open to high school and sixth form students undergraduate and postgraduate anthropology students, and anyone who is interested in and passionate about Anthropology.

What do contestants win?

All short-listed and winning contestants will ave their work published on the RAI's Discover Anthropology website (upcoming) and some RAI publications.

1st Prize: An iPod shuffle, one year's free membership of the RAI, and a published interview with the RAI's Education Officer

2nd Prize: One year's free membership of the RAI

3rd Prize: An anthropology book and a visual anthropology student film

Examples of existing anthropological cartoons:

How can I submit my work?

All applicants must fill in a registration form which can be found on the following website: and send it with their cartoon submission.

  • Each participant can submit a maximum of two cartoon
  • The cartoon can be single panel or 2-4 panels (as you would see in the back of a newspaper such as the The London Paper, or The Guardian)
  • Cartoons may be in black and white or colour and may be drawn using any technique.
  • Cartoons can range from A5 size (5"X8") sheet of paper to maximum of A4 size (8''x11") Cartoons larger than an A4 size sheet of paper will be excluded from the competition.
  • Submissions can be sent by post or email. If you send your cartoons by post please make the package out to: Nafisa Fera, Education Officer, Royal Anthropological Institute, 50 Fitzroy St. London W1T-5BT
  • If you choose to send your submission electronically, please provide a high resolution JPEG of your cartoon. The JPEG will have to be less than 10 MB in order for us to receive it. Please email all submissions to the RAI's Education Officer, Nafisa Fera at
  • Any submissions which are unethical or disrespectful of anyone or any group of people will not be eligible. Any cartoons which have been plagiarised will also not be eligible.

For full details of the competition and an application form visit: