Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Voila Mes Amis!


It has taken over two years to develop, and countless hours generating ideas, registering feedback and collecting stories.. but it is finally here: the RAI's Discover Anthropology website!

The website is aimed at anyone interested in anthropology and who wants to get involved either by studying the subject, attending events and activities, joining online networks, teaching, or creating artwork and music related to anthropology.

The website includes seven main sections: About Anthropology, Career Paths, Study & Experience, Resources, Events, Your Space and For Teachers.

There is information on social and biological anthropology as well as a growing number of specialist areas such as medical anthropology, environmental anthropology, anthropology of development and economic anthropology.

Readers can find out about anthropological fieldwork and take a look at photos of anthropologists 'in action' all over the world!

There are career profiles and information on anthropologists working in sectors ranging from academic research to tourism.

For students who are thinking of taking a year off, or want to do some short courses there is information on gap years, distance learning programmes, and continuing education courses.

Find out what students think about studying anthropology by visiting out student voices page.

For people who like to be creative, our Your Space section promotes public engagement of anthropology through poetry, art, music and dialogue. If you have anything you would like to submit to this section please email Nafisa Fera, the RAI's Education Officer at education@therai.org.uk

The RAI is open to any suggestions, comments or feedback on the website. Have a look, share your thoughts, and spread the word!

Anthropologist about town will be back to its' usual format next week.

A bientot!

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