Thursday, September 03, 2009

Diary for 3rd September to 9th September 2009

THURSDAY 3rd September- The comfort of things

If you had to choose objects in your house which were the most significant to you and your life, what would you choose and why? In our capitalist frenzied world are the things we collect just an extension of our egos or our need to fit in? or do they represent something more significant? Today I am heading to the bookstore to look at the new ethnography by professor Daniel Miller called 'The comfort of things'. Daniel Miller is an anthropologist who specialises in teaching and researching material culture at UCL. The book is the result of research he conducted on a single street in London. Dr. Miller and his researchers asked residents of a particular street to discuss the stories, histories and significance of certain objects they hold dear to them in their houses. For anyone interested in material culture this is a fascinating read! If you are interested in learning more about material culture take a look at this website.

FRIDAY 4th September- Extended deadline for cartoon competition

The RAI has received numerous requests to extend the deadline of its International Anthropology Cartoon Contest. The new deadline for submissions is 10th November 2009 The contest is open to anyone interested and passionate about anthropology. The contest is looking for cartoons that explore anthropological ideas in a comical, original and engaging way. Examples of possible subjects to explore include: human evolution, fossil discoveries, forensics, cultural traditions, ceremonies and rituals, beauty and fashion, fieldwork, tourism and Facebook. For more details, submission guidelines and regulations visit: or email

SATURDAY 5th September- Bristish Science Festival

Today marks the opening of this year's British Science Festival. The British Science Festival is the biggest science festival in Europe. Every year it attracts thousands of visitors to enjoy science activities, lectures, presentations and films for anyone interested in learning more about science. This year the festival is being held at the University of Surrey in Guilford. The festival runs from the 5th- 10th September. Most events are free or marginal cost. Take a look at the online programme for more details.

SUNDAY 6th September- Exquisite Bodies

I would assume that most of us who are not studying anatomy and are in a relatively healthy condition, rarely think of our internal organs and the complex activities that take place within our bodies . Today I am heading to the Welcome Collection to take a look at life size wax figures whose bodies have been cross sectioned in order to see internal organs , and in some cases lifelike representations of what happens to a body when it is attacked by diseases such as tuberculosis, alcohol and drug addiction. The models were used in the 19th century for medical teaching purposes. For more information about events, activities and videos accompanying the exhibit take a look here. The exhibit will run until the 18th of October 2009.

MONDAY 7th September - Art, Anthropology and Neuroscience

Between the 7th-19th September a multi-disciplinary exhibit entitled Brain Unravelled will be taking place at UCL's Slade Research Centre in Wolborn Square. The exhibit will incorporate art, photography, mixed media, sculpture, textiles, films, talks and events. The exhibit takes a unique approach to exploring the human brain and in particular human consciousness. Amonst people contributing to the exhibit are Antony Gormley, anthropologist Chris Knight, as well as Brian Butterworth, Chris Firth and many more. Take a look at this website for further details.

TUESDAY 8th September- Interested in anthropological research in London?

FiLo presentations by anthropologists Daniel Miller and John is a growing network of anthropologists who are undergoing fieldwork in London. If you are a student of anthropology or are interested in learning about anthropological research taking place in London, you may wish to take part in their workshop that is taking place on 18th September 2009, at iCES in Regents College. The workshop will include keynote talks by anthropologists John Eade and Daniel Miller, as well as poster presentations by FiLo members, discussion of future Filo projects, and a guided walk of central London. For more information and registration or visit the Filo's website.

WEDNESDAY 9th September- Ethknowcentrix

Tomorrow, a unique exhibition entitled 'Ethnowcentrix- Museums Inside the Artist' will open at the October Gallery in London. The exhibit will feature the work of four leading artists from New Zealand and Pacific Islands. Using mixed media and performance work, the artists challenge historical perceptions of the Pacific Islands and the ways in which aspects of their culture have been displayed and classified in museums across Europe and North America. Take a look here for museum opening times and admission details.

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